Engineering Classroom Instructions

General Room instructions:

IF you are in a room on the engineering quad:

  • The Classrooms are Self Serve to be setup by the Faculty/Instructors/TA’s.
  • For AV training/support please contact the COECIS ITSG
  • Document cameras are being added to rooms as they are received.  
  • Wacom Tablets are available in rooms by request.  The Wacom Tablets take about 30 minutes to setup on each computer that uses it. 
  • Cleaning supplies:  There should be supplies near the podium for you to wipe down the teaching station.  There should be separate supplies in the room for students to wipe down their tablet arm “desk” and sitting area.  If supplies are out, contact the facilities or building contact on the instructions for the room.

Room Specific Information:



  • Gates G01 instructions








Other COE and CIS rooms used as classrooms:

IF in a room off the engineering quad:

  • Room support will be through the college that “owns” the room. Try them first as they will know the rooms best and be closest to provide support.  The list of support contact information is at: 
  • COECIS ITSG will provide backup support if needed, especially if there is an issue with your computer.