Mid-Semester Feedback Survey Request Form

Mid-Semester Feedback Surveys are a great tool to receive feedback from your class mid-way through the semester. You can see whether your class is doing well or if it is in need of some improvement. Most times, issues brought up by students can easily be addressed if only they are known. Our institute can run an online survey for your class at your request. These surveys are very interactive and can be made anonymous. Logic can also be used in the surveys so that some questions only show up depending on answers to previous questions. We can also let you know who in your class completed the survey in case you would like to give credit to the students to encourage participation. 

We have a standard survey that is applicable to most lecture-type engineering classes. We can also prepare an individual survey depending on your class' needs. This is an individualized survey sample. These are live samples so you can play around selecting different answers.

Note: AEP, BME, CHEME, CEE, ECE, MAE, MSE, SYSEN, and ORIE departments run standard surveys every semester but you are more than welcome to request additional questions.


Request a Mid-Semester Feedback Survey or to have questions added to your department survey for your course:

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