Coauthored MTEI Papers

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  • Confident or Overconfident: Changes in the self-reported confidence levels of new teaching assistants pre- and post-training. Linda J. Tompkins, Kathryn Dimiduk. 2010. (PDF) (Link in Progress)

  • Games in Recitation: Increasing Student Engagement While Teaching Mass and Energy Balances in Chemical Engineering. Wanda D. Jones, Susan Daniel, Kathryn Dimiduk. 2010. (PDF) (Link in Progress)

  • Integrating Communication Skills and Fostering Collaboration in the Mass and Energy Balances Course with Team Activities. Susan Daniel, Kathryn Dimiduk. 2010. (Link in Progress)

  • Effectively Assign Student Groups by Applying Multiple User-prioritized Academic and Demographic Factors Using a New Open Source Program, GroupEng. Thomas G. Dimiduk, Kathryn C. Dimiduk. 2011. (PDF)

  • Helping Students Approach FEA Simulations like Experts. Kathryn Dimiduk, Rajesh Bhaskaran, Haolin Zhu, Yingxin Gao. 2011.

      • Kathryn Dimiduk, Cornell University
      • Kathryn Dimiduk is the Director of the Teaching Excellence Institute in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. She received her B.A. in Physics from Cornell University and her PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University. Her current research interests are in engineering education.
      • Rajesh Bhaskaran, Cornell University
      • Rajesh Bhaskaran is Swanson Director of Engineering Simulation Program in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University. He is leading efforts in the Sibley School to integrate contemporary simulation technologies into the mechanical and aerospace engineering curriculum. His research interests include engineering applications of simulation technology, integration of simulation technology into engineering education, reliable deployment of advanced simulation by generalist engineers and conceptual change in learners using simulations. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University.
      • Haolin Zhu, Cornell University
      • Haolin Zhu is a PhD Candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University.
      • Yingxin Gao, Cornell University.
  • Applying mass balances to alcohol metabolism: a team project that applies fundamental chemical engineering skills to biotechnology. Allen Young, Kathryn Dimiduk, Susan Daniel. 2010. (PDF)

  • Using the Matlab-based iRobot Create Simulator to Engage Introductory Computer Programming Students in Program Development and Observing Computational Errors. K.-Y. Daisy Fan, Kathryn Dimiduk. 2011.

  • Collaborative Problem Solving at Chalkboard vs. on Paper for First-Year Calculus. Hadas Ritz, Lisa Schneider-Bentley. 2018.

  • Uniaxial Tension Testing Lab: Fewer Instructions for Better Results?. Hadas Ritz, Meredith Silberstein, Nelly Andarawis-Puri. 2018.

  • Chalkboard vs. Paper: Technique for Improving Collaboration in Active Learning Activities. Hadas Ritz, Lisa Schneider-Bentley. 2017.