Lacroute Plaza

In addition to indoor space, there is a plaza off of the Baum Atrium west side that can be reserved for events, either alone, or in combination with the Baum atrium. It has 3 tiers stepping down as you move away from the building. The larger tier nearest to the building is concrete and the other two are grass. Not including walkways by the building and on either side, the concrete tier is approximately 34 ft. x 34 ft. and each grass tier is approximately 34 ft. x 15 ft. A tent can be located on the concrete tier but space must be allowed between the building, walks, and the tent for emergency access and it must be tied off to barrels (no stakes in concrete are allowed). Plaza configurations and capacities are summarized below.

With a total of 2176 square feet, Lacroute Plaza can accommodate up to 600 participants using all three tiers in address set-up. In banquet set-up, the capacity is 88 on the concrete tier and 44 on each of the grass tiers.

There is no contingency for bad weather provided; you should consider obtaining alternate space such as also renting atrium space. Fees are additive whether spaces are combined for contingency or added capacity. There are 6 tables with 4 chairs each, plus two benches located in the Lacroute Plaza area. You are responsible for restoring any furniture that is moved to its original setup. Please consult the Duffield Hall coordinator concerning special arrangements regarding access for bring in tents/chair/tables/etc., access to restrooms and other building facilities during your event, and opening of doors between the Baum atrium and the Plaza, as well as for questions regarding layout, total capacity, and combined usage.