Seminar Rooms

The Robert Staley (room 254) and the McCurdy (room 354) seminar rooms are reserved for use by people and groups affiliated with Duffield Hall and activities they sponsor. Typical acceptable activities include meetings, presentations, audio conferences, discussions, training, and portable computer use. Not allowed are classes, non-Duffield occupant TA hours, weekly seminars, or hands-on activities such as experiments, use of chemicals, heat sources, artwork/crafts, singing, and dancing. Food and beverages are allowed. A graduate office break area just outside the seminar room can be used to stage the food or beverages only if this will not disrupt those in the neighboring graduate student offices. Food delivery and catering personnel must be supervised by the event coordinator at all times to insure this requirement is met.

These rooms may be reserved and scheduled by completing the online reservation form, e-mailing, or by calling the Duffield Hall coordinator at 607 255-4109.

Each room can accommodate a maximum of 24 participants: 14 at the conference table and 10 on the periphery (requires additional chairs).

Generally the Duffield affiliated person making the reservation will have access but if necessary they can make additional access arrangements ahead of time with the Duffield Hall Coordinator. In consideration of the nearby office occupants who share an entrance with a Seminar Room, do not prop open the corridor door when unattended or when the Seminar Room door is closed. You are responsible for restoring any furniture de-coupling and movement. Contact the Duffield Hall coordinator to review your responsibilities in this regard if you are planning any arrangement other than joined conference tables and chairs.