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Basic Definitions

Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs)

AEWs are one-credit S/U courses taken in conjunction with engineering math, chemistry, and computer science courses. The workshops are listed under the nomenclature ENGRG (Engineering General) and are paired with the appropriate course: ENGRG 1091 with MATH 1910, ENGRG 1092 with MATH 1920, ENGRG 1009 with CHEM 2090, ENGRG 1010 with CS 1110, and so on. Participants work cooperatively to practice problem-solving and to improve their understanding of core course concepts. Workshops meet once each week for two hours. Facilitators are upper-class students who are proficient with course material and trained in cooperative learning techniques. Students may enroll online for AEWs during pre-enrollment or during the add/drop period.

Add/Drop Period

From the date that classes begin, you have three weeks to add courses and seven weeks to drop courses. If you drop a course within this period, no record of you ever being enrolled in the course will exist. However, if you drop after this period, you will need to fill out a Petition Form in addition to the add/drop slip, and a "W" may appear on your transcript, indicating that you withdrew from the course. Check the important dates and deadlines to review your options. For courses that can't be changed online, use the add/drop slip found in the Engineering Registrar's Office.

Add/Drop Form

This form is used to add or drop any course that cannot be added or dropped online. Fill out the course you wish to change and obtain a signature or stamp from the department that offers the course. Your faculty advisor must also sign it. Submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office.


The Engineering Co-op integrates a student’s academic interests and career goals with paid, productive work experience in cooperating organizations. Students work full-time for one semester and one summer. Students with cumulative GPA of 2.7 and above are eligible to participate. For more information, contact the Engineering Career Center or visit them in 201 Carpenter Hall.

Electronic Add/Drop

Use Student Center to add or drop courses. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor to plan a schedule.

ENGRG 1050

A one-credit, created-to-be-fun, get-to-know-Cornell class where you will meet us, your very own peer advisors! The class will be led by your faculty advisor, whom you will consult before enrolling in classes every semester until you affiliate with a major (which you will do during your sophomore year). It’s an S/U class with no homework or exams, and we will make it fun!

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisors help students translate their academic interests into an appropriate course of study, offering general guidance related to academic majors, internships, graduate study, and career planning. 

Grading Option

For Liberal Studies distribution and advisor-approved electives, students have the option of registering for a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory (S or U) instead of a letter grade (except their first semester - first term, first-year students are not allowed to take optional S/U classes). A minimum grade of C- is required to receive a satisfactory (S) grade. Changing the grade option is possible only during the first seven weeks of the semester. Some students also take classes that interest them that don't apply to degree requirements. You are free to choose how you want these courses to be graded if the option to choose exists.

Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors are senior, junior, and sophomore engineering students who volunteer to assist new students with the academic transition from high school to college. As a part of their participation in ENGRG 1050, all first-year students will interact with their Peer Advisors

Professional Academic Advisor

Professional Academic Advisors provide a variety of advising services and programs to assist students in achieving their undergraduate academic and personal goals.