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Important Places

Where should you go if...

You are sick

Call or visit Cornell Health (located on Ho Plaza).  Remember to bring your health insurance card.  They also have a nurse on-call 24/7 who can tell you good things to do to take care of yourself if you are sick outside of Cornell Health hours.

You are hungry

If you are on the Engineering quad, Mattin's in Duffield Hall is great for a small, cheap snack.  Sage Atrium Café in Sage Hall, The Terrace in Statler Hall, The Ivy Room in Willard Straight Hall, and Trillium in Kennedy Hall are better for a proper lunch.  If you're extra hungry, try Okenshield's in Willard Straight Hall, the only all-you-can-eat dining hall on central campus.

You need access to a computer

The second floor of Upson, the third floor of Phillips Hall, and the second floor of Carpenter are popular choices in the Engineering quad.  They have programming languages and other engineering programs loaded for most classes.  The libraries on central campus, like Olin, Uris, and Mann, may not have all the engineering programs.  On north campus, try the second floor of Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC), the first floor of Appel Commons, or the basement of Clara Dickson Hall (the wing that is nearest to Balch Hall) for those late night paper writing needs. 

You want to work out

Besides Helen Newman Hall and Appel Commons on north campus, there is also a gym and swimming pool in Teagle Hall, an indoor track in Barton Hall, and Noyes Fitness Center on west campus.  Check the Cornell Recreational Services website for fitness center hours.  Campus itself has beautiful trails around Beebe Lake and in the Cornell Botanic Gardens.

You need to get your mail

Freshmen get their mail in RPCC or Appel Commons depending on where they live.  Those who reside in Balch Hall, Clara Dickson Hall, Court-Kay-Bauer, or Mews receive their mail in Appel Commons while the rest receive it in RPCC.  Envelopes and small packages can be mailed from there as well.  If you need stamps or the package is large, visit the Post Market in the Cornell Store.

You need to do your laundry

Laundry rooms are generally located on the first floor or basement of each dorm building.  Laundryview is a helpful website that displays which washers and dryers are in use and the number of minutes remaining on each.  You can either go online to add money to your laundry account or go to the service desks in Appel Commons or RPCC.  To use the laundry machines, you'll only need your ID card and laundry detergent.

Your are seeking emotional support

If you feel like you need help, please don't hesitate to ask.  You can view our many university resources, such as Cornell Health and EARS.

You want to go off campus

  • Ithaca Mall - Take the TCAT bus, route 30 or route 32, to the Pyramid Mall.  It is just north of north campus.  Target and Tops grocery store are also located near the mall.

  • Commons - This is Downtown Ithaca, containing the life of the city.  Take a bus downtown and go shop, eat, and have fun exploring.  Check out the TCAT

  • Collegetown - Most of the off-campus housing facilities are in Collegetown (also known as C-town).  You can find a variety of restaurants that will satisfy your taste buds. 

  • New York City/Long Island - Coach USA provides multiple trips to NYC during the day via the Shortline bus.  The Shortline makes stops in Binghamton, Ridgewood (NJ), and a few other towns.  Visit Student Agencies for more information.  The Campus-to-Campus bus travels between Ithaca and the Weill Cornell Medical College.