Itai  Gurvich

Itai Gurvich

Visiting Professor
Cornell Tech
Visiting Professor
Operations Research and Information Engineering


Itai Gurvich is a Visiting Professor at Cornell Tech and in the Operations Research and Information Engineering Department at Cornell University. He earned a Ph.D. from the Decision, Risk and Operations department at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He spent eight years teaching at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His research interests include performance analysis and optimization of human-operated processing networks, the theory of stochastic-process approximation, and the application of operations research and statistical tools to healthcare processes.

Research Interests

Itai's primary research interests lie in the performance analysis, the design, and the optimization of stochastic systems, primarily queueing (or service) networks. On the optimization and design front, he is concerned with capacity planning and with the design of processing networks robust to various uncertainties (such as the behavior of individual decision-makers). On the performance analysis front, he studies the robustness of simple tractable approximations. He has been more recently interested in healthcare which, with all its complexities and challenges, is particularly suitable for applying processing-network theory.


Service Interests

Itai is an Associate Editor in the area of stochastic modeling for both Management Science and Operations Research and he chairs the Special Interested Group (SIG) on Service Operations for the Manufacturing & Service Operations Management society of INFORMS. He has organized the Service SIG mini-conference in 2014 and co-chairs the 2017 Applied Probability Society conference.

Selected Publications

  • Zhang, Dennis J., Itai Gurvich, Jan A. Van Mieghem, Park Eric, Williams Mark, Young Robert. 2016."Hospital Readmission Reduction Program: An Economic and Operational Analysis."Management Science62(11): 3351-3371.
  • Gurvich, Itai, Jan A. Van Mieghem. 2016."Collaboration and Multitasking in Networks: Architectures, Bottlenecks and Throughput."Management Science.
  • Gurvich, Itai, Jan A. Van Mieghem. 2014."Collaboration and Multitasking in Networks: Architectures, Bottlenecks and Throughput."  Manufacturing & Service Operations Management17(1): 16-33.
  • Gurvich, Itai. 2014."Diffusion models and steady-state approximations for exponentially ergodic Markovian queues."Annals of Applied Probability24(6): 2527-2559.
  • Gurvich, Itai, Amy Ward. 2014."On the dynamic control of matching queues."Stochastic Systems4(2): 479-523.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Prize for Excellent Work in OR(Operations Research Society of Israel)2014
  • First prize for best paper(POMS college of healthcare operations management)2014
  • First Prize, Student Paper Competition(Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM))2006
  • First Prize(Junior Faculty Interest Group of INFORMS)2006