Robert Gary Bland

Robert Gary Bland

Operations Research and Information Engineering
291 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall


Professor Robert Bland received B.S. (1969), M.S. (1972) and Ph.D. (1974) degrees from Cornell University. Ph.D. student of D.R. Fulkerson, NSF Graduate Fellow. CORE Postdoctoral Fellow (1975-1977), Guest Professor European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (1976-1977), Sloan Foundation Fellow (1978-1982). Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences at SUNY Binghamton (1974-1978), Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Operations Research at Cornell University 1978- present.

Research Interests

Linear Programming, Combinatorial Optimization

Teaching Interests

Optimization, game theory, mathematics of legislative appointment


Service Interests

Engineering Education, Final Exam Scheduling

Selected Publications

  • Bland, Robert Gary. 1977."New finite pivoting rules for the simplex method."Mathematics of Operations Research2(103-07).
  • Bland, Robert Gary, M. Las Vergnas. 1978."Orientability of Matroids."Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B24(1): 94-123.
  • Bland, Robert Gary, James B Orlin. 2010."Flows in Networks by L.R. Ford Jr. and D.R. Fulkerson".Princeton Landmarks in Mathematics and Physics Series.(pp. ix-xv)208.Princeton, New Jersey, United States:Princeton University Press.
  • Bland, Robert Gary. 1981."The Allocation of Resources by Linear-Programming."Scientific American244(6): 126-144.
  • Bland, Robert Gary, B. L. Dietrich. 2008."A unified interpretation of several combinatorial dualities."Discrete Optimization5(2): 337-349.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • James M. and Marsha D. McCormick Advising Award, Cornell Engineering, 2017
  • Outstanding Educator Award (Cornell University): 1984, 2005, 2009
  • Sloan Foundation Fellow(Alfred P. Sloan Foundation), 1978
  • Professor of the Year Award selected by ORIE Undergarduate majors (2 times)(Cornell University, ORIE)


  • B.S.(Industrial Engineering),Cornell Univeristy,1969
  • M.S.(Operations Research),Cornell University,1972
  • Ph.D.(Operations Research),Cornell University,1974