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Campus Recruiting for Industry Partners

We are here to assist with any of your virtual recruiting needs. You are welcome to email with any questions or schedule a time to connect with our Recruiting Coordinator Jennifer Soprano by using her Calendly link 

All recruiting events at Cornell will be virtual this year. 

Student travel for interviewsAll interviews including second rounds should be virtual so that no student travels for interviews before leaving campus for the semester. Students should not be placed in the position of potentially violating travel policies that may change day-to-day.

Students hosting on-campus in-person employer events – In order to minimize contact with those beyond the campus community, the university will not permit in-person events involving outside guests at this time. On-campus in-person employer information sessions will not be scheduled this year, whether in combination with or in lieu of a corporate hosted virtual information session. However, many events will continue to be held virtually, and the university continues to examine creative, safe opportunities for converting other events and activities into online formats.

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