On-Campus Interview Day of Logistics

We appreciate the investment you are making to interview Cornell Engineers. Our office will confirm logistics with you approximately 10 business days prior to your scheduled interview date. Logistics below are the same year-round, regardless of the location of your interview rooms.

Hotel/Parking: Most area hotels offer free shuttle services to campus. We strongly encourage the use of these shuttles as the closest, open parking lot can sometimes be nearly one mile from our building. If you must drive to campus and park, please plan to arrive at the parking lot 45 minutes before your first scheduled interview. This will provide enough time for you to park, as well as time for you to walk to our building and arrive at our office with enough time to check-in.

Checking in: Upon arrival, you will be greeted and shown to your interview room(s) within the Career Center suite. Our suite has a waiting area where students will wait for you to call them at the start of each interview. We offer coffee, tea, and water throughout the day.

No-Shows: In the event a student scheduled to interview with you is not in the waiting area when you call them, please notify the front desk as soon as possible.

Wi-Fi: Our building is wireless, but, your company’s website firewall may prevent you from logging in. For more information, please read the IT@Cornell article Connect to Cornell-Visitor Wi-Fi.

Lunch: With few exceptions, recruiters are on their own for lunch. Collegetown offers familiar favorites within steps of Carpenter Hall, several campus eateries are nearby or, you may order lunch directly with most local eateries to be delivered.

End of day/debriefing: Interviews should conclude and recruiters should plan to exit the interview rooms by 4:30 pm. Please notify the recruiting coordinator if you would like to make arrangements for a debriefing space for your organization. Spaces must be reserved in advance and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make your request as soon as possible.