undergrad research

For Pay or For Credit

For Pay

Opportunities for engineering undergraduates to be paid for conducting research exist through individual faculty research grants as well as through Engineering Learning Initiatives program grants. Once you have connected with a faculty mentor and mutually agreed on a research position or project, you may then discuss options with your mentor for receiving wages for your research effort. If your faculty mentor would like to support you to apply for funding through Engineering Learning Initiatives Student Grant Program, please access detailed information on funding cycles, application processes, selection criteria, and requirements. Those who receive pay for research may not receive credit.


For Credit

Students may opt to receive credit for conducting research in most engineering departments. Once a research relationship has been established, and the student and faculty mentor have agreed on the requirements and expectations, the student may then enroll in the department course listing for independent undergraduate research. If questions remain, the faculty mentor or student should contact the department’s undergraduate coordinator for additional information. Those who receive credit for research may not receive pay for the same effort.