Students speaking together about career fair prep

Preparing for Career Fairs

Every year, hundreds of employers travel to Ithaca to participate in career fairs where they recruit students for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions, and market and brand their organizations. Attending career fairs is a way for you to connect with employers to learn more about the organization, and the qualities and skills they seek in candidates. It's also an opportunity for you to express your interest in an organization, highlight your relevant experiences, and potentially secure an interview. For those who are just getting started in the career search process, attending a career fair is a great way to explore industries and organizations, and start building your professional network.   

Engineering Career Fairs

University Career Fair Days

Every year, Cornell Career Services Career Fair hosts a two-day event at the beginning of the fall semester with hundreds of employers in attendance. Engineering/Technical employers are hosted on one day, while employers from all other industries are hosted on the other day. 

Spring Technical & Entrepreneurial Career Fair

Held annually near the beginning of spring semester, the Engineering Career Fair Team (ECaFT) hosts a fair for organizations looking to recruit engineering, technical, and entrepreneurial students. 

Other On-Campus Career Fairs

Cornell Career Services hosts a number of career fairs throughout the academic year, including the Summer Opportunities Fair; Non-profit & Government Career Fair; Graduate School Day; and Law School Day. For more information on these fairs, as well as additional fairs hosted at Cornell, visit Cornell Career Services Events.

Off-Campus Career Fairs

Cornell University partners with other colleges and universities to host off-campus career fairs

Career Fair Prep Sessions

Have questions about an upcoming career fair, such as, what should I wear? What should I bring? How will I introduce myself to employers? How do I find out who is attending the fair? What questions should I ask employers? How many employers should I visit? Don't go in unprepared!

We offer many small group sessions at the beginning of each semester to help you successfully navigate the career fair. Preparing for Career Fair SuccessDeveloping your Personal Pitch, and Ace Your Interview are all interactive small group sessions that will build your skills and confidence. View Handshake for additional details and to register.  

Unable to attend a session? We've got you covered! Craft an effective and memorable introduction using the Personal Pitch Workbook. Then practice your pitch on friends and family and ask them for candid feedback and suggestions. Check out the career fair prep video below, and our interviewing page for additional tips.

4 Steps to Successfully Prepare for the Career Fair

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4 Steps to Presenting Yourself like a Professional at the Career Fair

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The Do's and Don'ts of Navigating the Career Fair

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5 Steps to Follow-Up like a Pro After the Career Fair

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