Petition for Engineering Communication Requirement Consideration

One option for fulfilling the Engineering Communication Requirement is via petition. Historically, this option was created in order to allow a student's  Undergraduate Honor Thesis to fulfill the Engineering Communication Requirement, when appropriate. However, other projects, supported and lead by Engineering faculty, have come to fulfill this requirement when such projects are appropriate, proposed in advance, and approved by the Engineering Communication subcommittee of the College Curriculum Governing Board’s Subcommittee.  Below, learn about this process and access the petition form.

It is important to officially petition the College Curriculum Governing Board’s Subcommittee in the first three weeks of the semester you intend to do the work.

Petition Process

Students must use the Engineering Communication Requirement Petition form -- not the general College of Engineering petition form. To obtain this form and individual guidance for your petition, contact Dr. Rick Evans at to arrange an appointment to discuss the process and paperwork.

All supporting materials from the student should be submitted vai PDF (or other pre-approved format) to the assigned student Cornell Box, once the petition is approved. The Cornell Box access will be granted and arranged once the petition has been approved. 

Reminder: Petitions must be submitted by the end of the third week of the semester in which the work will be done. Submit petitions to Dr. Rick Evans at

Criteria for Petition Consideration and Approval

To petition successfully, a student should provide the items listed below, at a minimum. The Director of the Engineering Communications Program will advise each petition student on how to submit materials; that "portfolio" of materials should grow during the semester, not just be populated at the end of the semester.

  • full evidence of substantive iterative revisions at least two writing-based communication endeavors;
  • original sets of written comments by the identified professor on the student's papers and petition;
  • documented evidence of meetings with the engineering faculty member during the semester, where the writing/revising was the subject of the meeting.

Students must obtain petition approval from their field programs, as well as from the specific faculty member who will supervise the course/project being proposed.