Alumni Spotlight

Meet some of our amazing alumni.

UNTOLD TeamWhen people are clear about their values and intended impact, anything is possible!  UNTOLD was born from the inspiration and perspiration of five Certification Program students.  Kim Chen, Chris Colen, Grace Chuang, Saie Ganoo, and Clare O'Connor started out with not much more than a shared mission to create greater connection and compassion in their community.  This is the extraordinary result.  

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Jerica Huang

Jerica Huang was part of the 2015 cohort and is now a teaching assistant in the Cornell Engineering Certification Program.

Jerica Huang Article


Marisa Siergiej (ChemE '16)Marisa Siergiej (ChemE '16) is a member of the 2015 cohort in the Engineering Leadership Certification Program.  She also happens to be co-captain of the Cornell Women's Field Hockey Team!  Read an article about Marisa.


Justin Selig

Certification Program alum Justin Selig is putting his leadership skills to work in the Student Assembly!  Here's what he has to say:

My name is Justin Selig and I am a graduate of the first cohort of the Engineering Leadership Program. I serve as a sub-team leader on my project team, Engineering World Health, and I am an ambassador for the College of Engineering. I am also the Engineering Representative to the Student Assembly. To me, leadership is about finding ways to effect meaningful change in the biggest ways possible. It's about garnering the courage to take on challenging roles and responsibilities that impact my peers. I believe we all have an immense power to achieve what we want. Adhering to personal-growth and finding ways to leave my comfort zone have been regular goals that continue to define my path as a student leader.