Coaching for Engineering Students

Coaching for Cornell Engineering Students

Once again, the response for coaching this summer has been incredible. We have received your submissions, which we will review today and tomorrow. The goal is to respond to everyone by the end of the day on June 11, and get as many as possible signed up early next week. Thank you to everyone for your time and thoughtful effort.

We have noted a few themes in many of the submissions, and we wanted to point some of you to resources you can rely on right away. 

Our partners in Engineering Career Services can help you with guidance and coaching around career planning and decision-making regarding your career.

Many students experience stress, feeling overwhelmed, and burnout. Coaching can help with these, and if your situation feels really debilitating or critical, we urge you to find the help you need with Cornell Health.

Cornell EARs is another option for those looking for some help with counseling.