Engineering Leadership Classes

ENGRG 3900 Foundations of Engineering Leadership

This is the first of two required classes in the Engineering Leadership Certification Program. The focus is on "self" and "team" competencies. Students gain knowledge about their own strengths, values, purpose, goals, and derailers. Further topics include project management basics, presentation and communication skills, and team dynamics. From this foundation, students form teams to enact a Leadership Project that has meaning and impact. This class includes two required weekend retreats (January and March) in addition to the regularly scheduled class.

May be applied as Liberal Studies credit in KCM and CE categories.

(Spring. 2 credits. Limited to students accepted to the Leadership Certification Program.)


ENGRG 3910 Applied Engineering Leadership

Weekly experiential learning about different aspects of leadership and teamwork. Exercises are fun and engaging, sometimes taking students outside of the lab to experiment with different "people skills". Topics include communication, decision-making for leaders, managing conflict, emotional regulation and personality, brainstorming, ethics, networking, influence and persuasion, organizational culture, and others.

May be applied as Liberal Studies credit in categories CA, KCM, SBA, and CE.

(Fall. 3 credits. Open to Certification Program students)