Tech+Teams is a suite of services offered by the Engineering Leadership Program to support students and faculty in team-based engineering classes. 

The objective of Tech+Teams is to deepen and accelerate student learning about best practices in leading and contributing to engineering teams. We do this by integrating low-effort but high-impact interventions with classes where students are already working in teams.  

Some of the services we offer 

  • Providing guest lectures on the practices of highly effective teams
  • Forming teams intentionally, based on empirical evidence about how to foster team-based learning
  • Collecting and disseminating 360 team assessments throughout the semester, or at midterm
  • Providing individual and group coaching to student teams
  • Other services to support students and faculty

Tech+Teams is highly adaptable. If you are interested in incorporating these interventions, we will meet with you to determine your needs and tailor our offerings to your class. 

Resources for Faculty and Teams

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Please note that we work with you and students to create experiential learning about collaborating in teams. If instead you are seeking pedagogical information about using teams in engineering classes (for example, how to structure assignments, assess individual learning, and so on), please contact Kathy Dimiduk, Director of the Teaching Excellence Institute

Andrea Ippolito

We were deeply honored to work with the Engineering Leadership Program to help support our students through facilitated coaching sessions and workshops as part of their Master of Engineering projects with industry partners. These coaching sessions and workshops were pivotal to the students’ learnings and where the true transformation happened in their time here at Cornell...

— Andrea Ippolito

[Her talk] was inspiring and meaningful for me. As a leader for my school’s FirstTech Challenge team, I found that it is extremely hard for me to get everybody engaged in the building process. As a result of this speech, I will try to implement a different strategy next year.

— Student feedback
R.B. van Dover

I have invited representatives from the Leadership Program to come and work with my engineering class many times in the past and the response has been very positive. Most of the students had never thought about the difference between a group and a team, nor considered how managing conflict, not eliminating or suppressing it, is vital to maintaining an effective team. They recognized the value of these and many other insights brought to them as a result of Leadership Program events. They found that the material was presented “in a straightforward, coherent manner.”

— R. B. van Dover - Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of Engineering

I feel that Professor Dawson’s in-depth description on what makes a good team will greatly help me in the projects during this program, and in my future academic career.

— Student feedback

Professor Dawson gave a very life-changing talk to our engineering class in which she explained the do’s and don’ts of working in a team. It is incredible how she was able to pinpoint the very qualities that define an efficient team.

— Student feedback

I learned about the various things that could go wrong while working as a team, what factors we overlook but are often the cause of all conflict in a team and the steps I could take to avoid this. We were given the opportunity to learn about how to build trust, empathy, knowledge, and motivation in a team.

— Student feedback

[Her talk] was engaging and provided new material that was really important to my self-growth.

— Student feedback