Alumni Stories

Jen Baker '12 MBA '13 M.Eng, Breaking rules to create new career paths 

Kristen Graf '01 Biological and Environmental Engineering,  Breaking rules to improve the quality of life on our planet

Jeremy Blum '12 Electrical and Computer Engineering, '13 M.Eng, Breaking rules to do great things

Dan Simpkins '80 Electrical Engineering, '81 M.Eng, Breaking rules to change the way we live

Padmasree Warrior '84 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Breaking rules to push conventional boundaries

Charlie Sporck '50 Mechanical Engineering, Breaking rules to see things differently

John Amos '85 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Challenging the status quo to make the world better

Ray Li '14 Applied and Engineering Physics and Michael Ndubuisi '14 Computer Science, Breaking the rules to push the limits of imagination

Jen Weidman '13 Environmental Engineering, Breaking the rules to make life better in Tanzania

Paul Osenar '92 Materials Science,  Breaking rules to take new technology to market

Yonn Rasmussen  '83, '86 MS, '89 Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Breaking rules to combine humanities and engineering

Liz Wayne '15 Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Breaking rules to make a better future