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Graduate Admissions

Cornell Engineering is one of the world’s leading engineering and technical institutions, set within a deliberately broad-based and diverse university.

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We have a longstanding focus on teaching excellence and groundbreaking research, supported by exceptional laboratories and libraries. Our dynamic culture of innovation and our particular strength in cross-disciplinary collaboration are enhanced by the open, engaging interactions among the members of our community – faculty and students alike.

We choose the members of our community with great care, realizing that each has an impact on the others. We select faculty who are able to make breakthrough contributions to the world’s body of knowledge as well as to advance students’ learning and graduate students who demonstrate promise of success.

If you are considering applying to our Ph.D.M.S., or M.Eng. degree program, we encourage you to explore the many graduate fields available to you. These fields cut across disciplines and are based on shared interests among faculty—one of the ways we cultivate our unusually strong culture of innovation. We also encourage you to learn about the individual faculty members (Faculty Directory) who share your particular interests.

By earning a graduate degree from Cornell University’s College of Engineering, you will find yourself exceptionally well positioned for a rewarding career in research, academia, or industry. In addition to your Cornell credentials and the professional experiences we help you gain, you will have access to expert career center and a lifelong connection to one of the largest and most active alumni networks in the world.

We hope you will consider sharing the next phase of your journey here with us.