BME faculty pose for a group photo


The faculty of Cornell Engineering are a diverse, collaborative, and dedicated group who work every day to change the world. 

Academic Excellence

Cornell faculty come from diverse academic and personal backgrounds that foster a unique collaborative climate, making Cornell a dynamic place to work and live.  With students who are among the best in the world, specialized laboratory and research activities and the support of skilled professionals, this talent produces first-rate research, entrepreneurial breakthroughs and effective classroom instruction.  At Cornell, discovery of answers to complex and challenging problems reaches across bioengineering, energy and the environment, advanced materials, complex systems and networks, and many other areas where engineers are making a difference every day.

Teaching Excellence

Faculty are well supported to reach their potential as excellent teachers by the James McCormick Family Engineering Teaching Excellence Institute. The Institute assists them to develop effective, innovative teaching methods, improve course design and to sharpen engineering education research and the education or outreach components of grant proposals.


Cornell Engineering's family-friendly policies enable all faculty to balance professional responsibilities with family life.  The "Tenure Clock Provision" of the new Parental Leave and Tenure Policy allows for care of a newborn or new adoption while maintaining professional standing by extending time to tenure by two semesters. See also other HR benefits for academics.  Another way in which Cornell supports life beyond work is through caregiving resources, such as an excellent childcare center, and other means to help faculty look after others in their lives, a pet, or just themselves.

Exceptional Communities

One of the benefits of life at Cornell is the exceptional communities in which the university is located. The city of Ithaca and its environs blends the best of urban and rural life in a village atmosphere set in breathtaking natural beauty. Cornell NY Tech presents the panoply of benefits of life in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

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