Electrical and Computer Engineering

Breaking boundaries, educating the next generation of engineers, driving the leading edge of technology.

Engineering Quad at night

Do you see things differently? Looking to find solutions to today’s biggest problems?

If you want to…

  • Solve cyber-security issues for power and energy systems
  • Develop the next generation of large and small electronic devices
  • Uncover new possibilities in biomedical imaging
  • Create the next generation of computing technology
  • Design the wireless networks of the future
  • Address challenges of storing, sending, securing, and manipulating big data
  • Solve inherently complex computer architecture challenges in an efficient and highly productive way
  • Investigate and manipulate biological systems that lead to dramatic new treatment of diseases and changes to some of the building blocks of living organisms
  • Work on issues with great potential to change lives for the better and generate rapid growth in knowledge and technology
  • Dramatically impact human health and other aspects of life

…you belong in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University.

There's a reason we're among the largest schools in the Cornell College of Engineering: An ECE degree really does allow you to do anything, from exploring new ways to help humanity, to pushing the limits of imagination. Our graduates challenge conventional thought and are highly sought after in industries stretching from business, finance, research and development, technology, medicine, law, education, and many other fields.

Known for our consistently high ranking, Ivy League prestige, and esteemed alumni, ECE’s world-class program focuses on hands-on work, technical skills, and collaboration. Our faculty’s breadth and depth of knowledge are the foundation of our student’s education.

Our programs encompass digital and computer systems, embedded processors, digital signal processing, RF (wireless) systems, optical communications, atmospheric and space plasmas, high energy density laboratory plasmas, energy and power engineering, solid-state electronics, integrated circuit design and fabrication, bioelectrical devices and circuits, and biomedical applications such as image processing, sensors, and signal analysis, and more.

Our multidisciplinary field tackles endless real-world problems encouraging faculty and researchers explore the boundaries of existing and emerging technologies. We do research that pushes the very edge of innovation, changing people's lives.

Whether you want to do work in power and energy, bioelectrical engineering, computer architecture, imaging, nanotechnology, photonics, neuroscience, computing, or you just want to explore what’s out there for you to discover and have an impact on the world, ECE empowers you to reach your goals and your potential. With ECE, you can make great things happen.