End of Semester Details

Dear Faculty,

As I’m sure you know, Tuesday, Dec. 7th is the last day of classes. This is also the absolute last day for students to drop classes with a W. Their paperwork needs to be completed and submitted by 4 PM on Tuesday, Dec. 7th. Students will need to get departmental approval for the drop from the ugrad coordinator.

Course Evaluations:

Course evaluations will run from Tues. Nov 30th at noon till the end of day on Friday Dec. 10th. For those of you who give your students any points or extra credit for completely the course eval for your course, you can get the list of participants after the evals close at : https://www.engineering.cornell.edu/CourseEval/crseval/instructor_view_course.cfm

Gradescope issue:

When students are put in Inactive Status due to missing a Covid-19 test, this impacts the Gradescope Canvas interaction. Please take this into account in advising students with respect to dropping the course and in assigning final grades. The information below is from Gradescope and CTI.

  • Gradescope's Canvas integration can only sync Active students from Canvas to Gradescope. This is a restriction of how the integration works, and for many institutions, this is the desired behavior (as they do not want inactive students to be able to access grades and course content on Gradescope).
  • However, note that, as soon as a student is Active again on Canvas, they do not need to wait for the instructor to re-sync the Canvas roster in order to be added back to the Gradescope course. The student will immediately be able to click the Gradescope LTI link in Canvas (either at the course or assignment level), and this will add them back to the roster of the course, even if they were removed.
  • While the student is inactive, as long as the roster hasn't been re-synced (if they are still on the Gradescope course's roster), they should also still be able to access the Gradescope course by logging in directly to gradescope.com via their Cornell NetID (SSO) or via a Gradescope-specific password.
  • Finally, note that, even if a student is removed from a course roster (i.e. if they drop the course or are inactive on Canvas and get removed during a roster sync), their existing grades and submissions will still be available to the instructor under the assignments in that course. For example, if a student has a submission for a bubble sheet assignment and then gets removed from the roster, their submission will still be available for grading/reviewing on the assignment's Manage Submissions and Review Grades page.

You may want to synch both your Gradescope grades and roster to your Canvas before assigning final grades to account for any students who drop the course late in the semester and also to fill in any grades that happen to have been synched during a student’s inactive status (student might have been active when the material was submitted but inactive when the last synch occurred.