Invitation to Cornell Engineering Teaching Day

Dear Engineering and CIS Faculty,

You are invited to the First Annual Engineering Teaching Day on August 10, 2022. This inaugural annual event, led by MTEI, celebrates the teaching mission of Cornell Engineering. Join us to share your passion for teaching, to workshop ideas with fellow faculty, and to improve the learning experience you offer to students in the coming year. Five one-hour sessions will be offered; come to as many as you like. View the session abstracts on the MTEI website.  Please RSVP by August 8th.

10:00  Course Policies: Crafting Syllabi that Benefit Your Students and You, led by Michael Clarkson, CS and Hadas Ritz, MAE

11:00 Active Learning: Building Student Connections with Content, Peers, and Your Course, led by Kathy Dimiduk, MTEI and Kyle Harms, IS

12:00 Joint Luncheon with New Engineering Faculty: Complimentary lunch will be provided.

1:00 Helping Students Learn: Tools to Help Students Reset Study Strategies, led by Shivaun Archer, BME and Jennifer Bokaer-Smith, Learning Strategies Center

2:00 Teamwork: Facilitating Group Work and Collaboration, led by Shivaun Archer, BME and Rob Parker, Engineering Leadership Program

3:00 Metacognition and Reflection: Easy, Practical Ways to Improve Student Learning and Satisfaction, led by Celia Evans, Engineering Learning Initiatives and Kyle Harms, IS

For more information, contact Michael Clarkson,

Kathryn Dimiduk, PhD