Mid-Semester Feedback Schedule and Additional Question Offer

Dear Faculty,

Mid-semester feedback survey time is fast approaching.  With the unusual calendar this spring we are launching the survey a bit later than usual to allow students to form a solid impression of courses.  

We can add a course-specific question(s) to the survey for your course if you want feedback from students on something specific to your course – this may be especially relevant this semester with the unusual schedule or if you are trying something new.  If you would like to add a question(s), please send me the question by March 1st.  

Please encourage your students to fill out the survey so that you receive data that is representative of your class.  As usual, we can give you a list of participants in the survey if you want to give students credit.  

Specifics by department are below:

DepartmentSurvey to LaunchApprox. Survey Close Date
AEP - all coursesMarch 3March 13
BEE - by request to avoid duplicating CALS surveyMarch 8March 21
BME - all coursesMarch 4March 16
CBE - all coursesMarch 4March 18
CEE - all coursesMarch 3March 15
CS all ugrad and 5000 level courses, 6000 level by requestMarch 4March 17
EAS - by request to avoid duplicating CALS surveyMarch 8March 17
ECE - all coursesMarch 4March 17
Env - some with CEE, some by request, ask if unsureMarch 3March 15
INFOMarch 3March 10
MAE - all coursesMarch 3March 10
MSE - all coursesMarch 7March 19
ORIE - all coursesMarch 3March 14 
Systems - all coursesMarch 7March 20
Other - by requestMarch 8March 21

TA evaluations are run separately by Engineering Learning Initiatives (ELI) and will run from Feb. 23- March 11.  If you have a TA for your course, please make sure the students understand that TA feedback is provided on a separate survey from the course mid-semester feedback survey.  This is done to enable  feedback to be provided to TAs and Faculty in as efficient and timely manner as possible due to the workload of all the steps and the processing needed to send the information to the proper TAs and faculty.  

Kathryn Dimiduk
Director, McCormick Teaching Excellence Institute