Options to Mitigate Fallout from Travel Challenges for Students This Week

As detailed by Provost Kotlikoff, there are likely to be a significant number of students who will not be able to make the start of classes.  Indeed, I was in the Midwest over the weekend and my flight back was canceled; American Airlines was accommodating enough and suggested that they might get me to Ithaca as early as Thursday (ended up driving).

Where possible, it would appropriate to record the first lecture (or two).  The recording does not need to be professional or pretty, just have the notes and voice.  There are several quick options for recording:

  1. If you teach in Upson 102, 202, 142, 146, 206, 216 or 222, or Gates G01 or 114, you have a simple option.  Cameras in these rooms are designed to readily record the lecture.  Chose “recording” on the Crestron control panel and follow directions on the room sheets.  Kathy Dimiduk and COECIS IT staff can also help.
  2. If you are familiar with Zoom, you can share your presentation (if doing slides) or just point the laptop’s camera at the screen, and rely on the laptop’s microphone.  A button on the bottom will allow you to record instantly.
  3. Similarly, if you have used Panopto on Blackboard, it can be similarly used to record slides and blackboard content.

Kathy Dimiduk’s office also has a video camera and tripod that can be borrowed for classes (let the TA record).

This first lecture may be a “low risk” opportunity to explore quick and simple lecture recording techniques for the next inevitable winter storm (or slope day).

Students will be highly appreciative of even the effort to help them through this challenge.