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Paying for Your Degree

The Master of Engineering degree is self-funded; however, a number of full tuition fellowships, partial tuition scholarships, and graduate teaching/research support options are offered each year. See below for more details.

Learn more about the tuition rates for the Master of Engineering for this current academic year.

Cornell College of Engineering Scholarships, Fellowships, and Stipends

  1. Master of Engineering Dean's Fellowship

    Cornell’s College of Engineering offers merit-based, full-tuition fellowships. All M.Eng. applicants will automatically be considered for a fellowship as part of the standard application process, with no extra application required. The number of M.Eng. Dean’s Fellows chosen will depend on the amount of funding available in a given year.

  2. Master of Engineering Committee (MEC) Scholarships

    Scholarships of $20,000 or up to a full tuition are awarded to the most outstanding applicants to the M.Eng. degree program. The amount of the award is based on merit. Applicants are nominated for an MEC Scholarship by their graduate field, and selections are made by the Master of Engineering Committee. All M.Eng. applicants will automatically be considered for a scholarship as part of the standard application process, with no extra application required.

  3. GEM Fellowship

    Awarded by the Diversity Programs in Engineering to underrepresented minorities. Cornell Engineering (Ithaca, NY, campus only) is a member of the GEM Consortium. Cornell Engineering offers one (1) year of fellowship support for GEM fellows. Open to PhD and M.Eng. students, this fellowship requires an application: GEM Fellowship application

  4. Cornell Engineering also provides partial scholarships or teaching/research support stipends to around 30% of M.Eng. students. Each graduate field makes its own selections for these stipends. The amounts vary depending on the type of award, student merit, and availability of funds.

Preferred Deadline: To be considered for College of Engineering Financial Aid for fall and spring semesters of the following academic year, students are encouraged to have a complete M.Eng. application on file by February 1. Students whose applications are received after the preferred deadline may be considered for financial aid subject to availability of funds.

Cornell Engineering Special Awards

Arps Fellowship

Awarded annually to a Master of Engineering student(s) who was a member of the Cornell Crew Team for three years while an undergraduate student. Arps Fellowship application form (PDF)

Lazaro Memorial Fellowship

The is awarded annually to one or more Master of Engineering students who are permanent residents of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Preference will be given to students enrolled in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program. If you would like to receive consideration for a Lazaro fellowship, please provide legal documentation of residence along with the application. Lazaro Memorial Fellowship form (PDF)

Lester B. Knight Jr. Scholarship

Awarded to students (domestic or international) interested in earning an M.Eng. and an M.B.A. sequential degrees at Cornell University. Apply by February 1 for a tuition award of up to $60,000.

External Scholarships

The Cornell Graduate School provides a Graduate School searchable database of external scholarship opportunities.

Student Loans

The Graduate School has information about federally funded student loans.

International Student Loans

Global Student Loan Corporation: The Global Student Loan Corporation (GSLC) and HSBC bank have designed an international student loan program to provide funding specifically to students from India to attend U.S. schools. In the future, GSLC will be expanding the program to include students from other countries of origin from around the world. Students can borrow funds to cover the cost of their education - tuition, room, board, books and other educational related expenses. A U.S. cosigner is not required; rather, students need a cosigner from their home country. Cornell does not support or endorse this or any other lender, so we encourage you to explore this option on your own.

Additional information about federal and private loans is available through the Graduate School.