M.Eng. Early Admission for Cornell Undergraduates

If you are a Cornell undergraduate who wants to pursue an M.Eng. degree, you may be eligible for the Early Admission option. This option allows you to get a head start on your graduate work during your final undergraduate semester, completing the M.Eng. degree with only one additional semester at Cornell.


Minimum requirements to be eligible for early admission to the M.Eng. program are:

  • Be in your last semester as a Cornell undergraduate
  • Have 1 to 8 credits left to complete your undergraduate degree
  • Have a GPA that meet the minimum requirements for admission (see individual program pages for details)

If you receive financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your plans and to learn about the rules regarding minimum undergraduate credits necessary to avoid triggering repayment of your loan.

Application process

To be considered, please:

Application deadlines and Field Specific Requirements

To pursue Early Admission, you must apply and be admitted to the M.Eng. program prior to the start of your Early Admit semester. Check with the Graduate Field Coordinator in the M.Eng. program of your choice for application deadlines and requirements specific to your field.

Please note: The grades of M.Eng. courses you take during your early-admission semester will count toward your undergraduate cumulative GPA.

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M.Eng. Ambassadors are available to answer non-application questions about why they chose Cornell, what classes they are taking, their M.Eng. project, their job search process, how they like Cornell and Ithaca, and related non-application questions. Admissions-related questions (such as acceptance criteria, application, etc.) should be directed to the appropriate staff of each M.Eng. program. Student Ambassadors are only available for email correspondence between September 1 and May 20 each year.

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