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Common Enrollment Issues

Every semester brings its own unique challenges but we are here to help! Read the tips below on how to navigate the College of Engineering's most common enrollment issues.

Undergraduate Credit Limit Policy

Effective Fall 2022, Cornell Engineering Undergraduates are limited to enroll in a maximum 20 credits in one semester.  In some limited circumstances (e.g., their schedule includes AEWs or PE courses), students may be approved to enroll in up to 24 credits. Instances that will not be approved include:

  • A student in their first year (or first semester as an external transfer);
  • A student attempting to enroll for two or more of any combination of project teams, research credit, and/or TA credit;
  • A student pursuing a concurrent degree option;
  • The previous semester's GPA was below a 2.0.

Taking 20 credits is on average equivalent to 60 hours of work per week. Taking more than 20 credits in a single semester is not recommended, even for students who have a history of strong academic performance. Under no circumstance will a student be approved to enroll in more than 24 credits.

Time Conflicts

The Engineering Registrar's Office is now accepting Time Conflict Form submissions for the Spring 2024 semester.

Time conflicts will only be approved for students with extenuating circumstances (i.e., to meet graduation requirements or major affiliation criteria, etc.) so plan your schedule accordingly!

Petitions General Overview

Please make certain to follow all instructions found at the top of Registrar Forms prior to sending in your completed form(s).

Students may petition exceptions to the College of Engineering Academic Policies by submitting a completed General Petition form.

Enrolling in Full, Closed, or Limited Enrollment Classes

  • A closed class is indicated by a red circle on the Class Roster
  • A class that requires additional permission is indicated by a padlock icon on the Class Roster.

Students may attempt to enroll in closed or limited enrollment classes by submitting an Electronic Student Add/Drop Enrollment Request Form. 

For department specific information that pertains to core math, science, and engineering classes see Course Enrollment Advice When a Class is Full

Please be aware failure to include all necessary permissions and approvals will cause a delay in processing time.

Spring 2024 Enrollment Resources