Karan Mehta

Karan Mehta

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phillips Hall, Room 315


Karan Mehta received B.S. degrees from UCLA in Physics and Electrical Engineering in 2010, and completed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT in 2017. Following stints as a postdoctoral fellow and senior scientist in the Physics department at ETH Zurich, he joined Cornell ECE in January 2022, where he leads a group working at the intersection of photonics, atomic physics, and quantum technologies. 

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  • L. Massai, T. Schatteburg, J.P. Home, and K.K. Mehta. “Pure circularly polarized light emission from waveguide microring resonators.” Applied Physics Letters 121 (12), 121101 (2022). 
  • K.K. Mehta, C. Zhang, M. Malinowski, T.L. Nguyen, M. Stadler, J.P. Home. “Integrated optical multi-ion quantum logic.” Nature 586 (7830), 533-537 (2020).
  • V. Negnevitsky, M. Marinelli, K.K. Mehta, H.Y. Lo, C. Flühmann, J.P. Home. “Repeated multi-qubit readout and feedback with a mixed-species trapped-ion register.” Nature 563 (7732), 527-531 (2018). 
  • K.K. Mehta and R.J. Ram. “Precise and diffraction-limited waveguide-to-free-space focusing gratings.” Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-8 (2017). 
  • K.K. Mehta, C.D. Bruzewicz, R. McConnell, R.J. Ram, J.M. Sage, and J. Chiaverini. “Integrated optical addressing of an ion qubit.” Nature Nanotechnology 11 (12), 1066-1070 (2016). 
  • K.K. Mehta, A.M. Eltony, C.D. Bruzewicz, I.L. Chuang, R.J. Ram, J.M. Sage, and J. Chiaverini. “Ion traps fabricated in a CMOS foundry.” Applied Physics Letters 105 (4), 044103 (2014). 

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Sloan Research Fellowship in Physics (2024)
  • NSF CAREER Award (2023)
  • ETH Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017)
  • DOE Science Graduate Fellowship (2010)


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