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When imaging atoms, blurrier is better

Cornell researchers developed a new form of electron microscopy that uses complex algorithms to achieve faster, more efficient imaging – and they obtained the best results by defocusing their detector and blurring the beam. Read more

Johana Uribe

Five inducted into Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

BME students Johana Uribe and Korie Grayson were among five doctoral candidates inducted into the Cornell chapter of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society, which recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement and promotes diversity and excellence in doctoral education. Read more

saharan dust storm

What are the health impacts of the Sahara dust storm?

By: Gabrielle FonrougeJune

What are the health implications of the Saharan dust storm moving across the U.S.? In the New York Post, Professor Max Zhang warns that during the voyage over, particles pick up pollutants, making the dust more toxic to those breathing it in. Concentration and dust size are also important factors. Read more