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Reserve Classrooms


Please read the following instructions and click the link at the bottom of this page to access the reservation request form.

Use this form for non-course event room reservation requests (no official academic class, final exam or prelim exam room requests). Some event examples include: review sessions, information sessions, office hours, student organization meetings, special events, presentations, trainings, etc.

EN Room Scheduling attempts to process requests within three to five business days, however, during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters processing time is likely to take longer due to high volume. We cannot process same day requests so please be sure to plan accordingly. Each request is confirmed by e-mail.

Once your request has been confirmed, you must arrange for access to the building and room by contacting the appropriate building coordinator. Be aware that most buildings/rooms are locked after hours and on weekends so you must contact the building coordinator, during their office hours, prior to your event (there are no staff available for assistance on weekends or evenings).


Reservations are first come, first serve though occasionally groups may be bumped for a high priority EN/University event. All reservation requests must be submitted by, or on behalf of, a Cornell unit/department or by a officially recognized (by Cornell University) student organization. Cornell student groups must have an active registration with the office of Student and Campus Life. An Individual may not reserve an Engineering classroom for personal use.

No student organization events will be scheduled during the standard instructional time(s), Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:45pm.

Classrooms are and their equipment are expected to be left in good working order. This includes chairs, desk and tables straightened, windows closed, electronic equipment powered down (if applicable, including lights off), removing or disposing of everything your group might have brought in (e.g. food/beverage containers, newspapers, etc.).  Finally, the removal of furniture from any classroom (even if it is intended for use in an alternative classroom) is not permitted; users are expected to take extra care that no damage is done to classrooms, classroom furniture, or equipment. Classrooms should be returned to class-ready condition. No food or drinks are allowed in classrooms unless fully approved by a University Events Team member via the request for space process. 

Audiovisual equipment and lecterns must not be moved; additional fees may be assessed if the room is damaged or extra cleanup is needed. The cost to repair any damage to equipment or furniture may be incurred by the requesting group/contact person; likewise the requesting group/contact person may be held liable for any damages, theft, and/or missing equipment. Please ensure all lights and equipment must be turned off. 

Failure to observe these rules may lead to revocation of room reservation privileges.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made through the 25Live scheduling tool.

Please review these step-by-step instructions for more information on how to create, edit, and cancel requests. 

Submit a Request

I understand and agree to the terms, please take me to Scheduling.