Engineering Digital Yearbook

Shared Memories:

- Randolph Little, BEE

Professor Henry G. Booker taught a Fourier math class for EEs in the old basement lecture room of Upson Hall.  Nepers, using e as the base, were used to express ratios - analogous to using dB with base 10.  The professor had a particularly British way of pronouncing "nepers" that led to the following stunt.  One morning, when the not-particularly-athletic professor struggled to raise the first fresh blackboard from its storage slot behind the wainscotting he was puzzled by our instant boisterous laughter; that is, until he realized that someone had chalked in large letters across the board "HELP STAMP OUT CREEPING NEPERISM." 

Jon in project Team Race Car- 1982 Jon Poe, ECE

Reunion at Cornell - is Gorges!
Plus you get to see what the nextgen of engineering student project teams are building. "Surf" the project teams. aloh

Test your Engineering Alumni Knowledge.
Do you recognize us?
- I graduated in 1930 and am known for off-shore seismic mapping, drilling & patents.
- I graduated in 1930 and calculated Earth's rotational speed from coral reef growth.
- I graduated in 1950 and am known for inventing the first implantable cardiac pacemaker.

Sidney Kaufman, John Wells, Wilson Greatbatch

R. Alex AndersonThe great thing about Cornell engineers is ALL the fascinating things they do. Do you recognize this Cornell engineer? He graduated MechE in 1916, but was made famous by this song, Mele Kalikimaka, that he wrote for Bing Crosby. Enjoy. aloha.

Test your Engineering Alumni knowledge.
Do you recognize us?
- I graduated in 1970 and after 1100 (medical) patents was nicknamed the Edison of Medicine.
- I graduated in 1980 and as an astronaut had the honor to shuttle up Ezra's 159-year old socks & return them safely to earth.
- I graduated in 1980 and pioneered the field of nano(bio)technology, reused heavily by the Borg in the Delta Quadrant.

Robert Langer, David Low, Harold Craighead

- 1975 Morey Bidjarano, Industrial Engineering and Operations ResearchDog Dallas on lap of Morey Bidjarano

My favorite memory is joining what was then Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity which later became Pi Lambda Phi. Initially, my chosen major at Cornell was Chemical Engineering. However, I first learned about what Industrial Engineering/Operations Research was about from my room mate there the first year and changed my major to IE/OR which I had never heard of before. Glad I did.

- 1991 Paul Hayre, EE

Junior year, some EE buddies (Saurabh Patel '91, Dan Roitman '91, Jae Lee '91, and more) and I would regularly find a vacant classroom in Philips Hall and study all night before a prelim. Too many times, we entered after dinner on a flakeless evening to exit in the wee hours to a world that had disappeared under a foot of snow! Was a treacherous slip-and-slide home to Collegetown, yet every time I entered what looks like a completely different world, I was always stupefied and incredulous at how silent and beautiful the world had become in just hours. Very good memories on the Hill with very good friends...

Junior year buddies '91


Myra Boenke-1980 Myra Boenke, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I remember a lot of great people, lots of hard work, and only one womens' restroom in all of Phillips Hall.

-2003 Shaun D'Souza, Computer Science

Friends with Shaun D'Souza

Good and much cherished times on and off campus with friends.

Shaun D'Souza at Cornell Engineering

Had the privilege to meet with Ratan Tata and Prof. Martha Pollack during the Cornell Presidential Visit in Mumbai

- 2015 Patrick Landy, MAE

Patrick Landy with team

This was our team's 2013 build for the MAE 2250 wind-powered pump project. Shout out to Torin for saving our project with his machining skills when I accidentally milled a hole with too large of a diameter for the threads we needed. Shout out to Mark, who later worked with me at an HVAC company in New York City in 2018-2019. And shout out to Sam and Julian, wherever you are. I hope you are safe in these strange times!

- 1967 John Humphrey, Mechanical Engineering

1964 arial photo of Cornell campus

I have many fond and grateful memories of my undergraduate years at our Alma Mater, but topping the list is the beauty and serenity of our campus which I believe strongly fosters the search for knowledge and academic excellent that Cornell is deservingly known for.  As a member of the East Hill flying club I was able to enhance my ground perspective with aerial views. (see attached picture I took of our campus in the Fall of 1964)   Following this perspective our Cornell song, "Spirit of Wisdom" has been a guide to me in my professional and personal life.

- 1986 Nagin Ahmed Cox, ORIE

Nagin Ahmed Cox

I received both a BS in Eng and a BA in Psychology so I had an amazing time meeting people from all walks of Cornell. Engineering was hard but opened the door to NASA/JPL and working in Mars Rover Surface Operations for me.

- 1985 Kim Emerson, CEAA

Shane Thorsteinson, local alumni and Pam Marrone, Cornell trustee.

Sacramento area student send off hosted at my home with my son, Shane Thorsteinson 2022, local alumni and Pam Marrone, Cornell trustee. 

- 1987 Barbara Waldman, Electrical Engineering

I am Barbara Waldman from Boston who had just finished my BS EE from Stanford. I remember arriving at Cornell for the first time  for my M ENG and being in awe  of the beautiful campus and meeting new students in EE and in my international dorm.  I enjoyed biking around that year. The courses were interesting. I loved the waterfalls and Cornell spirit.