Considering Graduate School?

Cornell Engineering students explore and choose a variety of graduate school paths. While some engineers go directly into graduate programs after leaving Cornell, others explore opportunities in industry before pursuing further education. 

Cornell Engineers and Graduate School

Check out the Pre-Grad module in the Career Development Toolkit as you consider graduate program options and navigate the application process. Post Graduate Reports provide insight for Cornell Engineers considering graduate school around degrees they may pursue and areas of study. Review alumni profiles on LinkedIn to identify graduate programs Cornell Engineers completed after, or while working in industry.

Engineering Programs

If you are considering an M.Eng., M.S., or Ph.D. in an engineering discipline, talk to your faculty. They are experts in their field and can provide helpful information for identifying relevant programs and in preparing strong application materials.

Law or Other Non-Engineering Programs

Cornell Career Services provides a wealth of information and resources for students considering graduate school, including information on choosing a program, the timeline for applying, required application materials, graduate admissions tests, and financing graduate school.

Students interested in medicine or other health careers should connect with Engineering Advising.