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On this page, faculty will find answers to frequently asked questions, guidance for helping a student navigate their personal circumstance, and additional resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a student required to have an official academic considerations request from Engineering Advising? No. Students are encouraged to reach out to instructors on their own accord as they feel comfortable though Engineering Advising is able to assist through the Academic Considerations process.

What flexibility can I grant to students encountering short-term academic disruptions? Per the Faculty Handbook: “If a student contacts you about rescheduling an exam, missing a class, or needing some straightforward support (e.g., permission to type their exam instead of handwriting), you are empowered to make the appropriate arrangements and provide flexibility in these sudden, unpredictable situations.” Use your discretion as to what flexibility can be granted to students facing academic disruption while maintaining equity in your course.

Do I need or can I require health provider documentation? No. Students should not be required to share health documentation to instructors though some may elect to share on their own.

Who do I contact in Engineering Advising about a considerations request I have received? If you have questions after receiving an Academic Considerations request you may reach out to Engineering Advising. We advise students based on alphabetical cohort and the cohort advisor is likely aware of the student situation. Please visit out staff website to see the cohort advisors.

What should I do if a parent/guardian contacts me regarding their student’s situation? If you know a student has a FERPA release for the person contacting you then you may discuss the situation; if you do not know if there is a FERPA release keep the conversation general (for example: what would be true of all students in your class facing academic disruptions). You may also refer the parent/guardian to Engineering Advising.

What if the student does not follow-up on a considerations request or meet the flexible deadlines granted? Depending on the disruptive event and its impact on a student follow-up communication may vary; however, it is the responsibility of the student to connect with their instructor(s). If a student fails to do so or does not meet agreed upon flexibilities (for example: extended deadlines) please use your discretion regarding how to proceed while knowing there is not obligation to continue to extend flexibility.